CUHK Web Server

CUHK Web Server ( provides a web hosting service for departments to publish their homepage. If departments needs a server supporting Content Management System (CMS) or database, please use CMS Cloud – Web Development & Hosting Service.

Available to


Service Charge and Application

Free; application required

Service Availability

24 X 7


1. Entitlement at CUHK Web Server

(i)  All departments are entitled to apply for first level directory such as

(ii) For projects under any departments, they should request the web administrator(s) of the affiliated departments to create sub-directories under their websites. For example,

(iii) For projects jointly organized/managed by multiple departments or initiated at university level, they are also entitled to apply for web hosting under designated directory :

  • Projects:
  • Events:
  • Centre:
2. Site Administration

Every website can have one or more Chief Administrator(s), who is responsible for

(i) updating the website

(ii) adding or removing *sub-administrators through Departmental Web Admin System.

Sub-administrators can update all or part of their departmental web pages, depending on the privilege granted by the Chief Administrator(s) of that department.

However, a Chief Administrator cannot add / delete other Chief Administrators. To do so, please contact ITSC by completing the required application form.

3. Web Publishing and Other Available Tools

Check here for details.