PCs in User Areas

You can login the following PCs, with an expected in 3 minutes login time, using your CUHK email address (staff-alias@cuhk.edu.hk/studentid@link.cuhk.edu.hk) and OnePass password to access a wide range of applications.

User Areas, 1/F., Pi Chiu Building

  • 5 PCs (including 2 PCs for multimedia software and 1 PC is designated for disabled)

Discussion Room, Room 106, Pi Chiu Building

  • 2 PCs (with 43″ Display)

Training Room 1, Room 102, Pi Chiu Building

  • 18 PCs

Training Room 2, Room 103, Pi Chiu Building

  • 44 PCs

Training Room 3, Room 107, Pi Chiu Building

  • 18 PCs

Whereas Training Room 1, 2, and 3 (Pi Chiu Building) can be scheduled for interactive computer course.


*Remarks: If you would like to attend the online class by Zoom in User Areas, you could bring an earphone for listening (plugging into the right port). If you would like to speak in the online class by Zoom, apart from the earphone for listening, you should prepare one traditional computer microphone for speaking (plugging into the left port).