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    The Jan 2017 IT Governance Committee meeting has endorsed a University WiFi Policy which provides University members the fullest coverage of WiFi services within the campus. This includes

    1. All WiFi services in the University should be accessible by all CUHK staff and students.
    2. In order to support this policy, all WiFi services must be authenticated via the Central Authentication and Directory Service.
    3. For departments to set up WiFi network within their areas, they are highly recommended to join the Central WiFi Network for compatibility, security, as well as ease of deployment and support. Central WiFi Network supports SSIDs including
      1. CUHK
      2. CUHKa
      3. CUHK1x
      4. CUguest
      5. eduroam
      6. CSL
      7. Y5ZONE
    4. Exception to this policy, usually due to security reasons, must seek exemption from ITSC.

    Updated on 7 Mar 2017