Information Technology Services Centre - Windows Server 2003 Support Ends on 14 Jul 2015
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  • Windows Server 2003 Support Ends on 14 Jul 2015

    Microsoft will end Windows Server 2003 support on 14 July 2015. Patches or security updates will no longer be available after this date, so servers running the outdated OS will become more vulnerable to threats.Windows Server 2003 will be blocked from connecting to campus network starting from 15 July 2015. Departments should therefore upgrade their Windows 2003 servers to new OS, such as Windows Server 2012, or other alternatives, before the deadline.

    In a survey conducted in Oct 2014, most departmental IT staff have indicated that they already had plans for the upgrade or retirement of Windows Server 2003 before the deadline. In Nov 2014, a technical session was also conducted to brief departmental IT staff on how to migrate Windows Server 2003 to a newer platform such as Windows Server 2012.

    Apart from upgrading or retiring your Windows Server 2003, one of the alternatives is to move your applications to ITSC VM platforms offered under the Special Virtual Machine (VM) Service. A VM is a software implementation of a machine that executes programs like a physical machine. This VM platform is a type of Cloud IT service which offers a VM with firewall protection in monthly subscription basis. It provides flexibility for departments to acquire their own virtual machines instantly and to eliminate long acquisition process for physical machine. By moving your applications to ITSC VM platforms, all your data will still reside in CUHK.