Information Technology Services Centre - Computer Laboratory - Conditions of Use
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  • Computer Laboratory - Conditions of Use

    1. Rights and Responsibilities of ITSC Staff
      1. The laboratory is administered by the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and is open for CUHK staff & students ONLY. Except those authorized by ITSC, no other persons are allowed to enter the laboratory.

      2. ITSC staff will perform random checking on the identity of users. They have the right to request users to present their CU Link staff or student identity cards. Anyone who fails or refuses to provide proof for his or her identity will be requested to leave the laboratory immediately. Those who refuse to leave will be handled by the Security Unit of the University or the Police.

      3. All the training rooms can be reserved for instructional purposes. Corresponding booking schedule is posted at the entrance of the room and can be read on-line on the ITSC homepage. ITSC has the right to close the room without notice in order to accommodate instructional needs.

    2. Use of Facilities
      1. Users must carry their CU staff or student identity cards and present it to ITSC staff when requested.

      2. Users are automatically abided by the policies and guidelines as specified in document "RGEN 002 Computer Network - Policies and Guidelines on Access and Usage" which is obtainable in the User Area and can be read at IT Policies

      3. Users should not copy any copyrighted software/product that is protected by The Copyright Ordinance. 

      4. Users should not install any software in the workstation without ITSC authorization.

      5. Users should not attach any hardware or device to the equipment provided without ITSC authorization.

      6. Users should not login more than one workstation concurrently in the ITSC PC LAN system.

      7. Users should not leave computers idle. ITSC has the right to reassign any unattended computers that are left idle for more than 15 minutes to other users. ITSC is not responsible for any data loss caused by the reassignment.

      8. Users are responsible for the care and use of the ITSC's facilities. Users may be liable to bear the cost of repairing any damage to the facilities caused by negligence or failure to adhere to the proper operating procedures.

    3. Rights and Responsibilities of Users
      1. Users are not allowed to bring in food or beverages into the laboratory. Eating and drinking are NOT allowed. And smoking is prohibited.

      2. Users should not use computers to create sounds or music that may disturb other users in the laboratory.

      3. Users should not move any facilities or furniture housed in the laboratory without ITSC authorization.

      4. Users should work quietly. Yelling, shouting, group discussions and social gatherings are not allowed in the laboratory. Group discussions should be held in ITSC Discussion Rooms or other assigned areas.

      5. Users should clean up their working area when leaving.

      6. Users should take care of their belongings. ITSC has the right to remove any unattended personal belongings that are found in the laboratory. ITSC will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings in the laboratory.

      7. Users can bring bags and briefcases into the laboratory whereas umbrellas should be deposited at the entrance.

      8. Users should not play computer games in the laboratory.

      9. Users should not post in the laboratory without ITSC authorization.

    The Conditions of Use apply to the following computer laboratories:
    The User Areas including all training rooms (1/F., Pi Chiu Building and 6/F, Wu Ho Man Yuen Building, Learning Commons).

    Users who violate the above rules will lose the rights to use ITSC facilities. For first offense, the offender's ITSC PC LAN account will be suspended for ONE DAY. Serious or repeated offenses will result in total loss of usage of ITSC facilities. The case may also be referred to the Dean of the student's college, Graduate School, or the appropriate University authority for further action.

    Should there be any inconsistency between the English and Chinese version of this “Conditions of Use”, the English version shall prevail.

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    Version 3, May 2014