Streamline New Staff Experience in Computing Accounts and CU Link Cards Collection

To streamline new staff experience in collecting their login information and CU Link cards, ITSC has newly introduced a self-service platform and a local SMS reminder service for this facilitation. The arrangement is applicable to all new staff who report for duty with a local mobile phone recorded in CUPIS.

Collect_AC_CUlink_massmail Computing Accounts for Online Access

From 19 Dec 2022,

  • There is a SMS message to inform new staff about their account readiness and collection instructions;
  • New staff can check and collect their computing accounts online at .
Collect_AC_CUlink_massmail_2 CU Link (Staff Card) for Identification and Campus Access

From 16 Mar 2023,

  • New staff receive an additional SMS message on CU Link Card arrangement.

For those without any local mobile phone number in CUPIS, they can still contact ITSC to collect their accounts and cards as usual.


For enquiries, please contact our colleagues on:

Computing Account CU Link Card