Guidelines for OnePass Login Integration (CUHK Login via ADFS)

OnePass(Single Sign On) system is an authentication service which allows users to pass between multiple applications with using one set of login credential(UPN and OnePass password) and without re-authentication.

OnePass supports the web-based authentication protocol through open standard, SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language) 2.0 for integrating SSO in applications. SAML-based SSO services can be used for federated authentication with service providers. OnePass maintains as an Identity Provider, when a user attempts to access an application from the service provider, the service provider will redirect the user browser to the identity provider for authentication. Successful authentication will return the browser to application with authentic token. The service provider will then verify the authentication and log the user in. The user will not have to log in again for the rest of his session.

Read the following for details

  1. OnePass Service
  2. Integration Guideline
  3. FAQs

Service Support


  1. Client Request
  2. Service Provider issues Authentication Request
  3. User Authenticated at Identity Provider(OnePass)
  4. Identity Provider(OnePass) issues Authentication Response
  5. Service Provider checks Authentication Response and resource returns Content