Phishing Alert: Your video via camera

Report Phishing Email to ITSC
Guide to Handle Phishing Email

Here is how the phishing email looks.


From: toitunenetun <>
Sent: 30 Jun 2020 (Tue) 8:11PM
Subject: Your video via camera


To protect ur computer against infecting with a virus u shouldn’t consume online content for adult on doubtful sites for adults..
You are reading the message cos u Your comp has caught my rogue app, thus you are running thru this text.
This application takes candid photos and vids using ur webcam.
I see that u really love arouse sexually and now I intend to share this vid with all ur contacts from ur mail.
I will let u a possibility to get out the deadlock and protect ur prestige.
bc1q7u45xzq7v4yeus9tw6jukr3d6ds2fde0r66mld is the e-wallet u must send 0,17 Bitcoin within 24 h after reading this note (my system will let me know) and I will securely sweep off all your appalling compromising information.
If u ignore this text and don’t pay my gratification within forty-eight h all ur relatives will see you jerk off and I also will post your vid on social networking web-sites.
Public image is the main thing in one’s life and it will be pretty bad to lose ur reputation in front of your family.
Don’t write here, it is hacked and I soon will lose access to it.