Unified Login ID for Network Connection and 2FA Protection Extends to CUHK VPN (Classroom Network)

Unified Login ID for WiFi/VPN/ResNet Connection

To improve your use experience, we are now standardizing the Login ID (username) for wifi/ResNet/VPN connections by using

  • name@cuhk.edu.hk (staff or project accounts) and
  • student-id@link.cuhk.edu.hk (student account), computing-id@link.cuhk.edu.hk (project account)

Once implemented, you can use either your email address or Computing ID as the Login ID in these services. Furthermore, the support of only email address could be used as Login ID in Wifi/ VPN / ResNet connections would be announced in due course.

2FA Protection Extends to CUHK VPN (Classroom Network)

Starting from 17 May 2021, when using Central Classroom PC to access the campus network, you must provide DUO 2FA after your password authentication for security enhancement.

Rollout Schedule

Date Service Area Details
7 Apr 2021 (Wed)
  • Wifi (CUHK/CUHKa)
  • ResNet
Username accepts both

  • (New) Email Address
  • (Current) Computing ID
13 Apr 2021 (Tue) CUHK VPN

Username accepts both

  • (New) Email Address
  • (Current) Computing ID as Username
17 May 2021 (Mon) CUHK VPN

2FA Enabled – Check connection steps.
6 Jul 2021 Wifi Decommissioning of CUHKa WiFi network due to low usage
To be announced Wifi / VPN / ResNet Username accepts only Email Address
Reminder CUHK Wifi Hotspot Partnership Programme Remain unchanged. That is,

  • Users need to sign up the service and define with another password
  • Computing ID @cuhk.edu.hk is the username

ITSC will also keep you posted through ITSC homepage, Facebook, Mass Mail, eNewsletter, etc.


For enquiries or comments, please contact ITSC Service Desk (39438845 or write to https://servicedesk.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk)