Classroom WiFi Service Upgrade
Project Name Classroom WiFi Service Upgrade
Go Live Date 2020-03-01

To improve WiFi performance for classroom and examination venue across the campus:

  • Upgrade of 600 Access Points from Wi-Fi 5 to the latest standard Wi-Fi 6 for all 265 Classrooms and Lecture Theatres including Lobby Area and Examination Venue
  • Support of more than 300K new sessions created per second by firewall equipment upgrade
  • Twofold increase in both data rate and channel capacity up to 700Mbps and 200 active clients respectively
  • Better signal quality in dynamic RF and high-density environments
  • Readiness of differentiated capabilities and other standards-based technologies, such as the latest version of certified security WPA3, AI-powered energy savings and Internet of Things WiFi Infrastructure
  • Implemented to all classrooms and lecture theatres listed in the RES website
Serving User Groups Students, Staff
Implementation Schedule

A soft launch was made on 1 March, 2020. With no issue was received, the service has now been put into production.


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