Changes to CUguest / CUHK / CUHKa Wi-Fi and ResNet in this summer

CUguest Wi-Fi, CUHK Wi-Fi and ResNet login pages have new looks!

Starting in mid-June 2021, you will experience a new look-and-feel at the login screens when connecting to the Internet via CUguest Wi-Fi, CUHK Wi-Fi and ResNet (resident wired network). 

Completely redesigned for improved login experience especially for mobile devices, the new login screens will help you get connected with ease.  Font and text size are carefully selected to provide a consistent experience across various devices.  Background images are thoughtfully chosen to reflect our spirit. 

Check out the new design and their release dates below! 

CUguest Wi-Fi – available on 16 June 2021 

CUHK Wi-Fi – available on 6 July 2021 

ResNet – available o6 July 2021 

Unified Login ID to CUHK Wi-Fi and ResNet 

As a reminder, you can now log in CUHK Wi-Fi and ResNet using your email address + OnePass password. i.e. 

This is an important milestone towards a unified login experience across different campus network services and University systems.  To help you transit to the new experience, use of Computing ID for above login will be kept until 28 Sep 2021. 

Decommissioning of CUHKa Wi-Fi network 

To simplify the user experience, ITSC will cease to provide CUHKa Wi-Fi service on 6 July 2021.  If you currently use CUHKa Wi-Fi service, please switch to CUHK1x as soon as possible. 

CUHK1x allows you to join the campus Wi-Fi network without manual login every day!  Please refer to the one-time setup guides (iOSAndroidWindowsMac) for details. 

In Summary 

Please refer to the table below for the planned changes. 

Date  Event 
16/6/2021  New look for CUguest Wi-Fi 
6/7/2021  New look for CUHK Wi-Fi and ResNet 

Decommissioning of CUHKa Wi-Fi 

28/9/2021  No longer support login to CUHK Wi-Fi and ResNet using Computing ID.