Possible Auto-update Failure for Kaspersky on Windows with Version before KES11.1.1.126
Symptoms For Windows with Kaspersky Endpoint Security installed with version older than KES11.1.1.126 and with auto-update, you may find

  • a lot of files in the directory “C:\Windows\Installer” and
  • in the worst case, C Drive running out of disk space.
Cause According to Kaspersky Support, it might happen while upgrading the old version of Kaspersky to KES
Possible Solutions Please delete KES related files at C:\windows\installer to free up spaces. To identity the files that was created by Kaspersky: Right click the file > Click Properties > Click Digital Signatures tab > “Name of signer” show “Kaspersky Lab…”

Please consider either of the following:

This issue was fixed from the version of KES11.1.1.126. You may re-enable the automatic updates when KES11.1.1.126 or upper version is installed on Windows.

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