Phishing Alert: Issue 3936839 Server involved in fraud at

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Here is how the phishing email looks.

Sender: Netcraft Takedown Service <>
Sent: Thu 30-06-22 12:56
Subject: Issue 3936839 Server involved in fraud at


We have discovered an email server on your network that is sending fraudulent
e-mail messages.

The server has the IP address at

This attack targets our customer, WPP, website URL

We have attached an example fraudulent e-mail demonstrating the e-mail server’s
involvement. Please close down this attack as soon as possible.

More information about the detected issue is provided at

Many thanks,


Phone:  +44(0)1225 447500
Fax:  +44(0)1225 448600
Netcraft  Issue Number: 3936839

To contact us about updates regarding this attack, please respond to this email.
Please note: replies to this address will be logged, but aren’t always read. If
you believe you have received this email in error, or you require further
support, please contact:

This message follows the Abuse Reporting Format (ARF) so can be processed
automatically. See  for more information.
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