E-mail Fraud (Phishing) Alert: xxxxxxxx – xxxxxxx

Report Phishing Email to ITSC
Guide to Handle Phishing Email

Here is how the phishing email looks.


From: Emmanuel Gotschalk <tmmyrandazsq @>;
Sent: 2 Oct 2018 (Mon) 4:46AM
Subject: xxxxxxxx – xxxxxxx


‘xxxxxxx’ is your password, correct? I’m Emmanuel.

I have the recording of your webcam showing your greasy sexual actions & video you streamed using my malware which was present on the site you watched the x-rated videos. You really are appearing eye-catching in the video.

Your email and Facebook contacts were then simply sent to me by the malware.

I will email your video to your contacts unless you pay me $8000 via B I T C O I N S in the next 36 hours to the below address:
B I T C O I N Address: 1N7d3EMUXdu8UcGZnjDuKWTW6HsokabYwC
Copy-Paste the address because it is CasE SenSiTiVe.

Once money is received by me, I will destroy your video and every bit of details I have about you.

If I don’t receive the money, I will send your recording to every contact of yours. Think concerning the disgrace you will get. and as a consequence in case you are in an important relationship, precisely how it will certainly affect?

Want proof? Reply “Yes”, and I will email your recording to seven of your email contacts right away.

Yours truly – Emmanuel