E-mail Fraud (Phishing) Alert: xx – xx

Report Phishing Email to ITSC
Guide to Handle Phishing Email

Here is how the phishing email looks.


From: Hector Mehrmann <acfvoltairehk @>;
Sent: 8 Oct 2018 (Mon) 10:27PM
Subject: xx – xx


I am well aware xx is your passphrases. Lets get straight to the purpose. No-one has compensated me to check you. You may not know me and you are most likely wondering why you’re getting this e-mail?

in fact, i actually installed a malware on the X vids (adult porn) site and you know what, you visited this website to have fun (you know what i mean). When you were watching video clips, your browser started operating as a Remote Desktop with a key logger which gave me accessibility to your display and webcam. Right after that, my software program gathered your complete contacts from your Messenger, social networks, as well as e-mailaccount. and then i created a double-screen video. 1st part displays the video you were viewing (you’ve got a fine taste hehe), and next part shows the view of your webcam, & it is u.

You do have two different alternatives. Lets read up on the choices in details:

First option is to dismiss this e mail. in this scenario, i am going to send your very own video recording to each of your your contacts and then just consider concerning the awkwardness you experience. and as a consequence should you be in an affair, how it will eventually affect?

Next choice will be to give me $3000. We are going to think of it as a donation. in such a case, i most certainly will immediately discard your video. You will continue on daily life like this never occurred and you are never going to hear back again from me.

You’ll make the payment through Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search for ‘how to buy bitcoin’ in Google).

BTC address: 1G1Bf1Ky8sa5tq4q8oUk91KQQ6wdMYcriy
[CaSe sensitive so copy and paste it]

if you have been curious about going to the cops, anyway, this mail cannot be traced back to me. I have taken care of my actions. i am also not attempting to ask you for very much, i only want to be rewarded. You have two days in order to make the payment. i’ve a special pixel within this e mail, and now i know that you have read through this email message. if i don’t receive the BitCoins, i will certainly send your video to all of your contacts including family members, coworkers, and so on. Nevertheless, if i receive the payment, i’ll destroy the video immediately. This is the nonnegotiable offer, therefore please don’t waste my personal time & yours by replying to this email message. if you want to have evidence, reply Yeah! & i will send your video recording to your 6 contacts.