E-mail Fraud (Phishing) Alert: Payment Advice Ref: [ GT/SCB 59244]

Report Phishing Email to ITSC
Guide to Handle Phishing Email

Here is how the phishing email looks.


From: xxx <1155xxxxxx @>
Sent: 13 Sep 2018 (Thu) 7:31AM
Subject: Payment Advice Ref: [ GT/SCB 59244]


Dear 1155xxxxxx,

We are pleased to attach your Payment Advice with this email, based on the request from the sender to keep you informed.

Kindly Click here Bank Advice Ref: [ GT/SCB 59244] and also check your bank account to confirm payment.

Should you have any inquiry or require assistance, please contact the sender (our customer) at the contact number stated in the attached

Best Regards,
Customer Service Manager