E-mail Fraud (Phishing) Alert: ltc1qul0wrpnl28eflfz9vgy2kp776n983tw4t4wka7

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Guide to Handle Phishing Email

Here is how the phishing email looks.


From: Rene Herman <>
Sent: 16 Oct 2019 (Wed), 11:07 PM
Subject: ltc1qul0wrpnl28eflfz9vgy2kp776n983tw4t4wka7


I installed rogue application on yr computer.
By reason of ur accessing one malignant site that was achieved.
I’ve gained total control of yr comp, It was filmed a videotape thru yr webcam where you masturbate.
All the enquiries from your mail were obtained by myself and I have accessed to ur social networking websites.
My e-wallet is ltc1qul0wrpnl28eflfz9vgy2kp776n983tw4t4wka7 and there u should destinate 22 Litecoin, and after that I will delete all the leverage on u!
The moment when you read the text there are only twenty-four hours left to direct money, I will see it.
If I do not get my money for my silence, within 48 hours I will direct your playing with yourself to ur contacts and publish it on ur social networking websites.
Now decide what you care about more – money or yr public image!
There is no sense in writing and begging, the EM is temporary!
My English knowledge is poor, English language is not popular in my country.