E-mail Fraud (Phishing) Alert: ltc1qr6n0ggwxxrd2klaxztyket7k69tpqvm43ujjfh

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Guide to Handle Phishing Email

Here is how the phishing email looks.


From: Dayna Montgomery <>
Sent: 17 Oct 2019 (Thu) 4:16AM
Subject: ltc1qr6n0ggwxxrd2klaxztyket7k69tpqvm43ujjfh


I infected your PC with my hostile program. Owing to ur accessing one malicious website this has been made possible. Thanks to complete entrance in your computer, I made a vid through the webcam where you get urself off. All your contacts from your electronic-mail were received by me and I accessed to yr social networks. My e-purse is ltc1qr6n0ggwxxrd2klaxztyket7k69tpqvm43ujjfh and there you should transfer 23 Lite coin, and then I will sweep off all the dirty laundry on u! There are only 24 h to send money after you read the letter, I will know it. If u defy the requirements, in fourty-eight hours I will direct ur wanking to your contacts and post it on yr social networking websites. Now presume what is more important to you – money or ur public image! There is no sense in writing and imploring, this electronic-mail is interim! My grammar is poor, I’m not a mother-tongue speaker.