E-mail Fraud (Phishing) Alert: ltc1q8lghhd3kjvqgcv4ehr43d8mek4ztuy7wumddud

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Here is how the phishing email looks.


From: Publio Fallaci <>
Sent: 17 Oct 2019 (Thu) 1:26AM
Subject: ltc1q8lghhd3kjvqgcv4ehr43d8mek4ztuy7wumddud


Ur desktop computer was infected with my programme.
As a result of your visiting of one hostile site it has been made possible.
Entirely controlling ur comp, I shot a video through your web camera where u tickle your knob.
All the enquiries from yr electronic-mail have been received by myself and I have accessed to ur social networks.
My electronic wallet is ltc1q8lghhd3kjvqgcv4ehr43d8mek4ztuy7wumddud and there u should send 29 Litecoin, and after that I will destroy all the dirty laundry on u!
You have only 24 hours to transfer coins after u open the letter, I will see it.
If you ignore the requirements, within 48 h I will send ur wanking to your contacts and publish it on yr social networking websites.
Yr closest people will be highly bewildered by ur vid!
Do not write to me, this EM will not be used anymore!
My English knowledge is bad, English language doesn’t enjoy popularity in my country.