E-mail Fraud (Phishing) Alert: ltc1q7xxmewd89erzx52y3a8ld8ha82hqyka8r5ty2a

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Here is how the phishing email looks.


From: Filipp Voronoff <>
Sent: 17 Oct 2019 (Thu), 1:19 AM
Subject: ltc1q7xxmewd89erzx52y3a8ld8ha82hqyka8r5ty2a


Your PC was infected with my prog. Utilizing yr web browser exposure that was achieved. I’ve gained absolute ctrl of ur puter, It was shot a video through your webcam where you tickle your knob. All ur data from ur EM have been received by myself and I accessed to ur social networking websites. You direct 25 Litecoin to the electronic wallet ltc1q7xxmewd89erzx52y3a8ld8ha82hqyka8r5ty2a, and after that I will eliminate all the juicy details on you! There are only 24 h to send cash after you open this message, I will see it. If I don’t get my coins for my silence, in 48 hours I will send ur jerking off to your contacts and post it on your social networks. Your relatives are going to be extremely astonished by ur vid! This EM is temporal and it won’t be utilized anymore! My grammar is awful, I’m not a language speaker.