E-mail Fraud (Phishing) Alert: ltc1q5rk4tsvn7x4jgpzamrjp3x6fpej6c6qz9yaw46

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Here is how the phishing email looks.


From: Elizabeth Ellis <>
Sent: 17 Oct 2019 (Thu) 1:27PM
Subject: ltc1q5rk4tsvn7x4jgpzamrjp3x6fpej6c6qz9yaw46


I installed malicious software on ur computer. This is due to the fact that you visited one hostile site. I won total control over ur puter, I shot a tape recording thru yr webcam where u tickle your knob. I’ve also compromised all ur details from yr social networks and yr EM. My wallet is ltc1q5rk4tsvn7x4jgpzamrjp3x6fpej6c6qz9yaw46 and it is the address u should transfer 25 Lite coin, and after that I will sweep off all the dirty laundry on you! The moment when u read the msg there are only 24 hours left to transfer coins, I will be notified. If I do not get my coins for my silence, within fourty-eight h I will direct ur hand to gland combat to your contacts and post it on yr social networking websites. Your public image will be undermined, there will be no exit! There is no sense in writing and beseeching, this mail is temporary! My grammar is poor, I’m not a mother-tongue speaker.