(Resumed) CUSIS Unstable on 1 Sep
Users Affected CUHK students, staff
Start Time 1 Sep 2020 (Mon) 11:15AM
End Time 1 Sep 2020 (Mon) 5:30PM
Cause The slow response of the system was due to an application program logic which consuming a huge amount of system resource. A workaround has been applied to stabilize the system at around 5:30pm.
Service Affected 1 Sep was course enrollment date of new undergraduates. 86% students could successfully enroll in the first hour. However, because of the slow system response, some students might experience failure in accessing CUSIS. We are now working with our consultant to fix the application logic and to ensure a smooth operation.
Status Service Resumed

In coming ITSC Student Consultation Committee meeting, ITSC will review this incident further with student representatives.

We sincerely apologize for the problem caused.

For enquiries, please contact ITSC Service Desk ( / 39438845).