[Action Needed] CUHK1x Wi-Fi Certificate Update on 3 Jan 2023
Users Affected All Staff and Students accessing CUHK1x Wi-Fi service
Start Time 3 Jan 2023 (Tue) 8:00AM
End Time 3 Jan 2023 (Tue) 9:00AM
Cause Server Certificate Renewal
Service Affected Users connecting to CUHK1x Wi-Fi might experience

  • A pop-up message of trusting/accepting the new certificate of CUHK1x after ITSC work:  Please trust/accept * it to continue.
  • Failure in connecting to CUHK1x:  Please forget the CUHK1x network profile in your device and connect again.  Trust/accept * the new certificate when prompted.

* Before trusting / accepting the certificate, users need to check the certificate fingerprint, as shown below, to verify its authenticity.  Instructions could be found in our user guide.  If anything in doubt, do NOT connect and contact us for further advise.


Wi-Fi Certificate Fingerprint Effective from 3 Jan 2023

Status Scheduled
Enquiry ITSC Service Desk