Information Technology Services Centre - Termination of "CU eLearning System" (Old Blackboard System) on 31 Aug 2018
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    • A Review Committee which consisted of faculty and student representatives was formed in 2016 to carry out a review exercise on the potential cloud Learning Management System (LMS) products in the market.
    • Based on the evaluation results, the Committee recommended setup of a new Blackboard (cloud-based) system in Term 1, 2017-18 to replace the old on-premise Blackboard system.
    • The “New Blackboard System” ( started operations on 1 Aug 2017.
    • The “Old Blackboard System” ( will stop operations on 31 Aug 2018.
    Serving User Groups  Staff and Students
    Deadline  31 August 2018 

     Users are reminded to back up any materials they would like to keep local copies for their future reference before the system termination date (31 August 2018).

    Status Update


    Project Contact

     Judy Lo (ITSC), Secretary of ITGC-SET
     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.