COVID-19 Central IT Resources

With the latest development of COVID-19, social distancing is still recommended to avoid virus outbreak. This page provides you with related resources to facilitate your off-campus work and learning.

  1. eLearning @ CUHK
  1. Working from Home (WFH) – Continue Your Work Securely during COVID-19 Pandemic
    1. Click here for
      How to enable “safe enough while productive enough” for remote work?
      How to protect our data security and personal data privacy?
      How to move towards “new normal”?
    2. Step-by-step procedures for configuring remote working environment of office computer
  1. Remote Access to IT Resources
    1. Restricted Campus Services: VPN connection is required – CUHK VPN and SSL VPN
    2. RemoteApp for Accessing of SAS/SPSS/MATLAB remotely
  1. Online Meeting / Video Conferencing
    1. Zoom
    2. Microsoft Teams
    3. Security Alerts and Suggested Actions
  1. Security
    1. Information Security Best Practice
    2. Account Protection through DUO 2FA
  1. Campus-wide License Software
    1. Office 365 ProPlus
    2. MATLAB and Simulink
  1. Phone Calls
    1. Teams – Start an online call
    2. Calls Forwarding for IP Phone Users
  1. ITSC Support
    1. You can contact us through
      1. Hotline: 39438845 (Mon – Thur 8:45AM – 5:30PM, Fri 8:45AM – 5:45PM, Lunch Hour: 1:00pm – 2:00PM; Sat, Sun, Public Holidays: Closed)
      2. Online Service Desk:
    2. Our service counter at User Area and Learning Commons are now closed.
    3. Whereas applicable, our support will also schedule a Teams/Zoom session to handle your request.
  1. ITSC Opening Hours
    1. Check here for our latest Opening Hours


Last update: 2 Dec 2020