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    1. Any size limit for receiving / sending emails in Office 365?

    The size of a single email that you send / receive must be within 25MB, with all the attachment & message content counted.


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    1. How to change the language & time zone of my mailbox?

    Go to Office 365 > Mail > Gear icon on the right top > on the right, Mail under Your app settings > on the left column, Region and time zone under General


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    1. I just update my email address, user profile or other contact information. Where can I see them?

    Your email address and user profile can be viewed by all staff through
    1. Office 365 (Updates will be effective in 30 minutes)
      Go to Office 365 > Delve 

    2. Global Address List (Updates will be effective in 24 hours)
      i. Go to Office 365 > People; OR
      ii. Go to Outlook on your PC > New Email > Address Book


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