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  • FAQs on Office 365 for Students

    A. Accounts & Password

    1. Why can't I log into my @Link mailbox?
    All CUHK students should be able to log into CUHK Office 365 Portal ( with:
    Login ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Password: OnePass (CWEM) password (Forgot your password?)

    If you fail, please log in OnePass to check if your OnePass (CWEM) password has expired.


    2. Where can I change my @Link / Office 365 password?
    Your Office 365 password is your CWEM password. You can
    change OnePass (CWEM) Passwordhere.


    B. Office 365 ProPlus

    1. Where can I download the latest Microsoft Office Suite from Office 365 ProPlus?
    You can download it once you log into CUHK Office 365 Portal ( Please avoid install 2 office versions into the same PC / Mac. You can find the installation guide at here.


    2. What is the latest version of Microsoft Office I am going to download from Office 365 ProPlus?
    Office 2016 for Windows and Office 2016 for Mac. They are installed as a package in Office 365 ProPlus.


    3. How to activate my Office 2016 installed from Office 365 ProPlus?
    You do not have a product key. Please choose "sign in" with your Office 365 login information if you see a window asking you to activate your Office.


    C. OneDrive for Business

    1. Why can't I connect my OneDrive for Business to my mobiles devices / PC / Mac?
    You must first activate your OneDrive by clicking OneDrive on the top left menu or centre menu after logging into Office 365 Portal.Then, you could then access your OneDrive for Business through mobiles apps or OneDrive sync client on PC / Mac. (See how to connect OneDrive for Business on different devices)


    D. @Link - Mailbox Setting

    1. Can I have a larger mailbox?
    Your mailbox is up to 50GB, which reaches the maximum quota. There is no extra quota to be offered.


    2. How to change the language & time zone of my mailbox?

    1. Go to CUHK Office 365 Portal ( and log in.
    2. Click your profile picture at the top right corner and choose “about me"
    3. Click the blue button "edit profile" at the page centre.
    4. You will find an icon "..."next to the tab name "Contact Information". Click it and choose "Language and Region". You can now choose your language, region and timezone now.


    E. @Link - Email Sending & Receiving

    1. Any size limit for receiving an e-mail at @Link mailbox?
    If the e-mail is >20MB, with all the attachment & message content counted, you will not be able to receive this e-mail at @Link.


    2. Any attachment size limit for sending an e-mail through my @Link?
    Your e-mail to be sent must be ≤ 20MB, with all your attachment & message content counted. Otherwise, your e-mail cannot be sent out with an alert message as below:

    A single file attached ≥ 20MB An alert message appears while you are drafting the message at CUHK Office 365 Portal ( “The following files weren’t attached because adding them would cause the message to exceed the maximum size limit of 35 MB: filename.”
    Your email ≥ 20MB in total

    An alert message appears as a system-generated e-mail:

    “Message is over 20MB”multiple file exceed



    3. My attachment is ≤ 20MB but why I got an error message?
    It might be because your attachment and your message content in total have exceed 20MB. Please check and try again.
    If the problem persists, please write to ITSC Service Desk


    4. Why I got an error message saying I had attached a file ≥ 35MB while I did not?
    Since the upper limit of the attachment has been set as 20MB, the error message would appear if you have attached a single file ≥ 20MB while drafting an e-mail at CUHK Office 365 Portal (


    F. Self-learning on Office 365

    1. I want to learn different functions of Office 365. How to?
    You might go to the self-learning centre of Mirosoft and log in to learn more about services and function in Office 365.