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    As Internet gains its popularity, the once purely academic and free research tool has become an important medium of communication. This change of status is accompanied by a shift in the value of certain Internet resources, in the mind of the public. Domain name is one of these resources. The Internet Domain Name System (DNS) was originally designed to save the users’ trouble in memorizing cumbersome numeric IP addresses. With the infiltration of commercial interest, domain name has become a symbol of a company’s presence on Internet and an advanced image of the company. There are already many notorious cases globally of grabbing and reselling domain names for profit, and litigation against individuals/companies controlling domain names that are registered trademarks, commonly used brand names and product names.
    Although the University has already obtained the proper Internet domain name of, ITSC finds it necessary to establish policies and guidelines on the assignment and creation of names within this sub-domain. They are to ensure the perpetuity of our unique image and an effective administration of the domain names.


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    1. Need for Control

    From time to time, ITSC would receive request from individuals and units in the university community for creating new fourth level domain names under Most of these requests are for promotion of specific projects or simply to show a distinction from another existing unit (e.g., But as there are numerous projects, large and small; and a large variety of organizations, formal and informal, in the University, it would be an unmanageable task to entertain all the requests. Also, as some projects/initiatives and organisations would come to an end and dissolve after a period of time, it would be difficult to continuously monitor the proper usage of all the assigned domain names.
    The uncontrolled proliferation of domain names within the University will ultimately hurt the image of the University. Fierce competition for popular names and short-forms; deprivation of individual departments’ identities; and irresponsible content providers who make use of the University’s goodwill could escape from accountability, are some of the problems we could envisage. The ITSC, being the department that manages the domain names within the University, sees the need for a set of clear, systematic, and University-endorsed policies and guidelines.


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    1. Policies and Guidelines

    In order to restrain the proliferation of domain names, the ITSC has devised a set of simple yet fair and rational policies and guidelines for the University community as follows,
    1. The naming conventions should reflect a coherent system and organization structure of the University;
    2. The collective contribution of the organization, whether teaching, research or administrative, will not be undermined by individuals’ effort to show off their work (achievements of a unit, individuals or projects should however be honoured in this medium by means of properly-prepared descriptions in web pages or service introduction);
    3. The source of the information and services offered onto the Internet must be identifiable and be accountable for the accuracy and appropriateness.

    The following policies and guidelines have been endorsed by the University in the assignment and creation of the fourth-level Internet domain names under ITSC, as the operator of the domain, is the unit to execute such policies and guidelines.


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    1. What Will Be Granted

    One or more fourth-level domain names would be assigned to each of the departments, faculties, colleges, research institutes and centres, administrative and service units defined in the administrative structure of the University at the time of application. Justifications for the domain name and endorsement of the relevant unit head will be needed for application.
    Examples:         (Dept of Psychology)
                      (Information Services Office)
    Campus-wide services regularly used by all campus and external users, will also be considered for a fourth-level domain name.
    Examples:                 (Campus-wide electronic mail server)
                                    (University WWW server)
                             (IP Phone Support Web Page)
                                 (CUHK Library Catalogue)
                    (The CN Yang Archive)
    Organizations incorporated by the University with specific missions will be considered for a fourth-level domain name. Examples: (Institute of Optical Science and Technology)
    Major University-wide initiatives will be considered for a fourth-level domain name.
    Examples: (50th Anniversary of CUHK)


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    1. What May NOT Be Granted?

    If the proposed fourth-level domain name is likely to cause ambiguity, controversy or inconvenience to the University or its community, it may NOT be granted.


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    1. Guidelines in the Choice of Domain Names

    Names used in the fourth-level domain names (and those of higher levels) should be concise but clear enough to represent the corresponding entity within the University. In general, commonly used department/faculty/college abbreviations will be used, e.g. itsc, lib. Care would be taken to avoid names that are indecent, or that might confuse with existing names, registered trademarks and commonly-used product names. Whenever appropriate, the Internet document RFC2219, Use of DNS Aliases for Network Services, will serve as a prime reference for the creation of domain names for the University community.


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    1. Names Reserved for Technical Requirement of Implementing DNS SRV Records

    Names beginning with an underscore are reserved for the implementation of DNS SRV records according to the Internet document RFC2782, A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV).


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    1. Application procedures

    Please fill in the application form and submit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    1. A domain name should only consist of alphanumeric (A-Z & 0-9) and hyphen (-). A domain name is also case-insensitive.
    2. Hyphen should not appear at the beginning and at the end of the first part of a fourth level domain name (eg – or Moreover, there should not be two consecutive hyphens within the domain name (eg xx—
    3. We do not recommend using long domain names. The first part of the fourth level domain name is better to be within a length of 20 characters.


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