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    MyCUForm enables staff and students to create online survey and application form. Data collection becomes a user-friendly task.
    For department users, CU Webform may also help you conduct surveys targeted to CUHK people.


    Available to
    Staff & students


    Service Charge and Application
    Free; no application required


    Access to Service
    Each user can store 5 online forms and the corresponding data each time.


    Service Availability
    24 X 7


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    1. Features

    • Supports 15 question types e.g. checkbox, matrix choice

    • Provides widgets to present the collected data in 6 chart types e.g. pie chart, bar chart, with your several clicks

    • Supports automatic scheduling, email notification, submission limit and etc.

    • Supports data export into excel, plain text and .csv format

    • Shows the form owner at the form footer by default

    • Provide 4 CUHK theme types