Information Technology Services Centre - Firewall Upgrade of University Administrative Systems (Completed)
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  • After an 8-year of serving, the firewall system of the University Administrative System will be retired and replaced to increase the stability of the service and enhance security. During the upgrade, all administrative systems will be temporarily out of services.

    You may experience intermittent disconnection in accessing the various administrative systems such as MyCUHK, CUSIS, CUPIS, CUSAP etc. Please avoid carry out mission critical works during the upgrade period. Other systems such as Email, Blackboard, SharePoint, Wifi, VPN, etc will still be in service as usual.

    The firewall upgrade has been completed at 4pm of 9 Dec 2017. All services are now resumed.

    * Please visit this page again to get the latest status.

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    1. Affected Services 

    The following services are inaccessible during the maintenance window.

    1. For Students
      1. CUHK Mobile App Store/ CUHK Mobile Applications
      2. Graduation Congregation & Academic Dress Rental
      3. GSO web application
      4. Interview Exemption Request System for CUHK Outgoing Student Exchange Programmes
      5. MyCUHK
      6. OSA Office Web (Off-campus Housing Information Web)
      7. RES Web System - check degree honour award
      8. Student Helper System (SHS)
      9. Teaching Timetable Sys / Web Room Booking System / Exam Timetable System
      10. UHS Information System / UHS Internet Booking System

    2. For Staff
      1. AAO Alumbase System
      2. Academic Information Management System (AIMS)
      3. Central Booking Sys
      4. Chinese University Personnel Information System (CUPIS)
      5. CUHK Internet Payment Gateway
      6. CUHK Mobile App Store/ CUHK Mobile Applications
      7. CUSAP Financial System
      8. Donation Info System
      9. Electronic Data Exchange with SFAA
      10. Funding Model System 
      11. General Edu Course Proposal & Inventory System
      12. Graduation Congregation & Academic Dress Rental
      13. GSO web application
      14. Incoming Exchange Admission System
      15. Integrated Outside Practice Administration System (IOPAS)
      16. MyCUHK
      17. Online Recommendation Submission System
      18. RES Web System - check course offering
      19. RES Web System - Degree Information enquiry
      20. Staff Profile Update System (SPUS)
      21. Staff Superannuation Scheme (1995) Enquiry System
      22. Summer Programme Admission System
      23. Suppliers Directory
      24. Teaching Timetable Sys / Web Room Booking System / Exam Timetable System
      25. UHS Information System / UHS Internet Booking System
      26. University Admission Intranet (UAI)

    3. For Alumni
      1. Alumni Account Initalization
      2. Alumni ID Enquiry
      3. Alumni Change password
      4. Alumni Reset Password
      5. MyCUHK


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    1. Unaffected Services

    All other services are unaffected during maintenance window. They are still in services under their normal operations.

    1. Office 365 (OneDrive, SharePoint) and @Link Email Service
    2. Change of OnePass Password and Define of E-mail Alias (staff and students)
    3. Registration and Attendance System
    4. Blackboard & Blackboard Cloud
    5. University webpage (
    6. Network services: Internet access, Campus Network, CUHK VPN, Hostel Network (ResNet)
    7. WiFi Services: Eduroam, CUHK, CUHKa, CUHK1x, Universities via CSL / Y5Zone, CUguest
    8. Research Computing Services
    9. PC in Learning Gardens, Learning Commons, User Areas and Computer Laboratories in College/Postgraduate Student Hostels


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    1. FAQs

    a. Can I receive emails during the maintenance window?

    Yes. Email system will still be in service during the maintenance period. 

    b. I am not able to access a system after the maintenence. What should I do?

    Please report it to ITSC Service Desk.



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    1. Contact Service Desk