Information Technology Services Centre - Electricity Supply Suspension to the Central Data Centre on 9 April (No Service Interruption)
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  • Date:

    9 April 2017


    9:00AM - 4:30PM

    Scope of Work:

    Estates Management Office (EMO) of CUHK informed that Annual Overhaul of L.V. Main Switch Board at Lady Shaw Building will be conducted on the above-mentioned date and time and during which the electricity supply to the building will be temporarily suspended.

    The Substation Q at Lady Shaw Building provides electrical power (City-Main) to the ITSC UPS-2 at Central Data Centre #1 (CDC1).

    During the period, the City-Main of the UPS-2 will also be suspended.  

    The staff of Electrical Team of EMO will switch off the City-Main power to the UPS-2 before 09:00, April 9, 2017.

    The in-coming electrical power of the UPS-2 will then be switched to the ITSC Generator-set (800 KVA) and it will run for the entire work period.

    The staff of the Electrical Team will monitor the operations and refill the diesel of the Generator-set during the course of work.

    The staff of the Electrical Team will switch the in-coming electrical power of the UPS-2 from the Generator-set to the permanent City-Main power after the work completes.

    Preparations for the Work:


    Potential Impact:

    The City-Main power provided from Lady Shaw Building to the UPS-2 will be suspended during the work period.


    There will be no interruption to services if the Generator-set power is in stable condition.

    The electrical power for the followings, which connect to the UPS-2, will be sustained by the Generator-set.

    1.   FTNS equipment at FTNS1 Room

    2.   All network equipment, servers and HKIX1 facilities in the

    3.   Operations Centre equipment

    4.   All Network Equipment at 1/F, 2/F and 3/F Wiring Closets (i.e. Network Equipment Rooms) at Pi Chiu Building

    5.   All IP Phones, Wireless Access Points, CCTV, Electrical Door Locks, CU–link Card Readers, Burglar/Door-Open/Alarms at all floors of Pi Chiu Building

    6.   Power for all ITSC Offices, User Area and PC Labs at Pi Chiu