Information Technology Services Centre - What Happens When OnePass (CWEM) Password is Expiring?
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  • To strengthen the account security of the University, a 400-day password expiry has been introduced to OnePass (CWEM) accounts

    And the clock is ticking, the expiry date is coming. How will your OnePass (CWEM) password be expired? Will one be informed? Will the account be banned if one does not change the password before its expiry?

    Here is what you see or should do before your password expires.


    A. 30 Days before Expiry: An Email Reminder

    An email reminder will be sent to your alias @ (staff or department users) or alias @ (student users) where there will be no clickable links / attachments included.

    B. 1 – 14 Days before Expiry: A Reminder for Each Login

    You will see a message asking you to change OnePass (CWEM) password for each login, until it is changed.


    C. After Expiry: A Step to Continue Your Login

    When your password expires, you cannot access Central IT services including email, WiFi, VPN, MyCUHK, CUSIS, CUPIS, etc. 

    If you log into

    • Onepass/CUHK Login with your correct password, you will be prompted that your password has expired.  
    • WiFi, VPN, etc services, you will be prompted with "incorrect password" .

    For both cases, you need to change the password in order to continue accessing those services.