Information Technology Services Centre - IT Coordinator Group
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  • IT Coordinator Group



    • Mr. Roger So (ITSC)


    Representatives from

    • Faculties
      (Faculty IT coordinators will also help to make coordination with Research Institutes and Centres.)

      Mr. HT Siu (Faculty of Arts)
      Mr. Henry Lee (Faculty of Business Administration)
      Mr. Gary Lam (Faculty of Education)
      Prof. Patrick Lee (Faculty of Engineering)
      Mr. Alex Siu (Faculty of Engineering)
      Mr. Terry Lee (Faculty of Law)
      Mr. Patrick Lam (Faculty of Medicine)
      Mr. Jacky Yau (Faculty of Science)
      Mr. Michael Leung (Faculty of Science)
      Ms. Christy Hui (Faculty of Social Science)

    • Administrative and Services Units

      Mr. Ernest Yik (LIB)

    Terms of Reference

    • To coordinate on the activities of vulnerability scanning and risk assessment survey
    • To coordinate on the implementation of security measures, including installation of firewall
    • To promote information security education and awareness programmes to departments/units
    • To act as a contact point for Info-Sec incidents in departments/units To assist in the development of IT policies
    • To coordinate on the enforcement of IT policies and guidelines in departments/units
    • To act as a user consultation group and provide feedback and suggestions to IT Governance Committee from a department user’s perspective

    Discussed items highlight

    • Retention Period of O365 email account for departing staff (Nov 2017)
    • Onepass Login Integration (Nov 2017)
    • Standard Domain Name of CUHK (Nov 2017)
    • Mock Phishing Exercise (Nov 2017)
    • 2FA Implementation (Nov 2017)
    • Antivirus and Data Protection Endpoint Agents (Nov 2017)
    • Monitoring and Handling of Security Incidents (Nov 2017)
    • Policy on Minimum Security Standard for Web Applications (Nov 2017)
    • Cyber Security Risk Management (Aug 2017)
    • VPN Split Tunnel (Aug 2017)
    • Security Investigation (Jun 2017)
    • University email consultation and survey (Apr 2017)
    • Group policy recommendation on Win 7 and Win 10 (Apr 2017)
    • Implementation of Azure Information Protection (AIP) (Apr 2017)
    • Security requirements proposal for CUHK web applications (Apr 2017)
    • Central Room Booking System (Feb 2017)
    • Data Right Management Service (Feb 2017)
    • Web hosting and Content Management System (Feb 2017)
    • University WiFi Policy (Dec 2016)
    • Technical mechanism and procedures to switch to use University AD (using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and OnePass to log in) for user authentication (Dec 2016)
    • Data classification and RMS project (Dec 2016)
    • University IT strategy on research computing (Dec 2016)
    • Office 365 Mail and related services deployment and retirement plan (Dec 2016)
    • Proposed coordination of web hosting solution for departments (Dec 2016)
    • The minumum security standards on procurement of public Cloud services (Sep 2016)
    • Security checklist on selecting public Cloud service provider (Sep 2016)
    • Email migration and deployment and Skype for business in Office 365 services (Sep 2016)
    • Adding Alumni accounts to University AD (Sep 2016)
    • The launch of Office 365 email service starting from July 2016 (June 2016)
    • Non-staff account creation for Office 365 (June 2016)
    • AWS Educate program (Apr 2016)
    • Service Offering for Office 365 (Apr 2016)
    • Local Exchange Administration with the use of University AD (Apr 2016)
    • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records for the launch of SharePoint online and Office 365 Mail (Apr 2016)
    • Plan on Single Sign-on (Apr 2016)
    • UCG Cost Allocation Guidelines (Mar 2016)
    • Preparation for Office 365 for the University (Mar 2016)
    • Reference tender renewal for network firewall appliance (Mar 2016)
    • Campus-wide Vulnerability Scanning Project (Mar 2016)
    • Upgrade of CU Link to MIFARE Plus and decommission of MULTOS (Jan 2016)
    • Development of University AD (Nov 2015)
    • Vulnerability Management Procedures (Nov 2015)
    • Security Standard on Firewall Configuration (Nov 2015)
    • Special VPN for contractors and vendors (Nov 2015)
    • New arrangement of fee charging services of ITSC (Oct 2015)
    • Decommission of CUHK CA client cert (Oct 2015)
    • Proposal on CUHK standard email alias policy (Oct 2015)
    • Proposal on data classification (Oct 2015)
    • Migration of SharPoint to Cloud (Oct 2015)
    • Development of IAM and Central AD (Aug 2015)
    • Add 180-day password expiry to OnePass (CWEM) Password Policy (Aug 2015)
    • Recommendation on the Use of NAT (Aug 2015)
    • Proposed Firewall Policy (Aug 2015)
    • Policy on Windows Server 2003 (Jul 2015)
    • Info-Sec Risk Assessment Survey (Jun 2015)
    • Vulnerability Scanning (Jun 2015)

    Meeting Minutes