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    Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is the scanning of media to detect the presence or absence of a mark in a specific position. The multiple choice answer sheet and course evaluation forms are daily examples utilizing OMR technology.

    The OMR scanner and software are located at User Areas, Room 108, 1/F, Pi Chiu Building.


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    1. Reservation of the Service

    • The reserved service is available during the office hours of the week.
    • One week advance booking is required. You can reserve the OMR on-line through ITSC Service Desk.
    • Booking Schedule can be checked online .


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    1. Use of OMR Service

    2.1 Scanning Defined Multiple Choice Answer Sheet
    CUHK, ITSC Answer Sheet -60 (version4 / 2013)
    omr mc
    With the Automation Wizard of Remark Office 8, Data can be obtained in a few steps.

    • Forms Printing
    • Recommendations:
      • .pdf format
      • Black & white only
      • 300 dpi resolution
    • Collection of Results
      • Results data will be displayed and the review exception will begin. Invalid response including Multiple and blank answers will be marked with special colour to draw your attention.
        omr gen
    • Result Analysis
      • After finishing with the automatic wizard, data results will be outputted to a Microsoft Excel file with data, such as the number of correct, incorrect and multiple/blank answers.
        omr excel
        omr excel2


    2.2 Alternative

    • Designing your own form for higher flexibility
      omr ownmc
    • Data obtained can be outputted to popular statistic software formats such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, SPSS, Survey Pro, etc.
    • Scanning up to A4 size media
    • Colour scanning
    • Generating detailed output
      omr owngen
      omr owngen2  omr owngen3