Information Technology Services Centre - Install CUHK Client Certificate on Firefox and Outlook
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  • Install CUHK Client Certificate on Firefox and Outlook

    (This user guide is applicable to Firefox and Outlook)

    1. Install the CUHK Root CA certificate if you haven't done it
      Click here for the installation guide
    2. Import Client Certificate
      1. The instructions in the above link apply to users who selected the Basic (Default) Option during certificate application. You should have received a PKCS12 file (with extension .p12) from ITSC
      2. If you selected the Advanced Option during certificate application, your private key was generated and stored on your computer. Instead of following the instructions above, you should click the "Install Certificate" link on the Client Certificate Application Status page to install your certificate to your browser
      3. You only need to import the certificate once in order to use it from Safari and Outlook
      4. If you have your certificate renewed, please import the new certificate to Windows.

    3. Additional setup for Outlook 2007/2010
      1. Add your Internet email address to MS Exchange Server
        This process should be done by exchange server's administrator. Please contact your administrator to add your email address of your certificate into your exchange account.
      2. Publish your certificate to MS Exchange Server
        This will let other MS Exchange users to lookup your CUHK certificate so that they can send encrypted email to you.