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    E-Newsletter is an electronic newsletter delivery and management service for departments.

    Convenient newsletter management
    E-Newsletter reduces the tedious tasks of making layout and style of newsletter from zero and of handling the subscriber list manually. The whole process of publishing and delivering newsletter becomes painless.

    Not just sending, but collecting
    It collects access counts for each single issue which helps departments to know the popularity of their newsletter and the effectiveness of this promotion channel. Administrator could understand the visitor volume, trends and check out for the records instantly.

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    Service Charge and Application
    Charged; application required, please write to ITSC Service Desk ('Business Solution')


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    Service Availability
    24 X 7


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    1. Features

    1. Friendly Interface
      The format of the enewsletter can be customized by ITSC according to users’ request. After the format is confirmed, a template can be created by ITSC. User can input content, which will automatically fit into the template. Users can simply input text and upload photos without HTML knowledge. Photos can be added freely in the newsletter content. User can also use one of the three types of layouts to display their photos. After inputting an “abstract” for each article and grouping articles into an issue, the system can generate a summary page, with table of content and the abstracts as the front page of the newsletter.
      eNewsletter interface

    2. Subscription List Management 
      The subscription list management is simple yet flexible.  Readers can subscribe and unsubscribe the newsletter by clicking a button.  Once the administrator schedules the delivery date and time, the newsletter will be sent automatically to the subscribers.
      eNewsletter list management

    3. Reporting Function 
      Authorized administrators can generate report on readership, indicating the overall access rate of each month, as well as the number of clicks for each article.
      eNewsletter headline
      eNewsletter headline1