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    The Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC), at Pi Ch'iu Building, offers a variety of services to the academic, research and administrative communities of the University. Her service arm does not just stop at technical support and application project development, but stretches to almost all corners of the University in areas like system recommendation, acquisition, installation and subsequent maintenance.

    The ITSC, with Ms. Carol Chiu as Acting Director, Mr. Roger So as Associate Director and Mr. Morris Kwok as Assistant-to-Director, is organized to serve different service areas. Each area is led and supported by senior computer officers / computer officers.

    1. Cloud Computing (Mr. Roger So, Associate Director)
    2. Administrative Systems (Mr. Gordon Kui)
    3. ITSC Management (Mr. Morris Kwok)
    4. Education Technology (Ms. Judy Lo)
    5. Research Computing (Mr. Roger Wong)
    6. Network (Mr. Walter Lee)
    7. Operations (Mr. David Choi)
    8. Systems (Mr. Philip Ling)
    9. User Support (Mr. Thomas Tsui )
    10. Information Security Section (Connie Law)
    11. Administrative Support Section (Ms Kennes Yuen)